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Top 7 Most Common and Costly Shipping Mistakes You Can Avoid

Business owners understand all too well how much they spend on freight shipping. This big investment demands that you do it right. However, business owners frequently make a number of costly and typical shipping mistakes. 

The staff at CHP Logistics has listed some of the most frequent and expensive shipping errors you can avoid to help you avoid falling victim and improve efficiency. For more information about our affordable and dependable transportation options, contact the team at CHP Logistics by reading on. 

Shipping Mistake #1: Choosing Parcel Shipping Over LTL Transportation


While shipping parcels through FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL may have sufficed for a time; your business has grown and you could be wasting money by continuing to use these services over more affordable LTL solutions. For those who need a refresher, parcel shipments are when goods are individually packaged or placed in a carrier-supplied box. 

Typically weighing under 150 pounds, parcel shipments never touch a pallet and tend to move through package shipping systems. 

Understanding the Disadvantages to Parcel Shipping for Your Business

While ordering parcel shipments is simple and easy, there are drawbacks. Due to the rigorous handling parcels endure, they tend to be at a higher risk of being damaged or misplaced along their journey. 

Also, parcel shipments tend to travel through many checkpoints and transfers, resulting in the delivery taking longer or being delayed more frequently. If you are sending just a few lightweight packages, parcel shipping may make sense for you.

LTL Shipping Offers Ample Business Benefits 

Nevertheless, it can make a lot more sense to take into account the advantages of less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping if you frequently send packages that tend to contain large volumes and quantities. 

LTL shipping is generally a safe option (especially when fragile items are involved) because shipments are loaded onto pallets, secured, and transported inside of trucks with little to no risk of damage. LTL shipping is more economically feasible for companies that deliver numerous products at once because it deals with large, bulky, irregularly shaped packages. 

When compared to parcel shipments, businesses frequently save more money using LTL transportation because there are fewer break-bulks, fewer transfers, and better security measures. In light of this, if you are still using parcel shipping for your business, you may be committing the most serious shipping sin possible. Thankfully, the staff at On CHP Logistics can offer assistance. 

Shipping Mistake #2: Avoiding Insurance


Yes, we realize that purchasing insurance may seem wasteful, but when it comes to commercial shipping, insurance becomes a requirement. No matter how dependable or “on point” a shipping service is, accidents or unforeseen circumstances can always happen. You can have peace of mind from potential headaches later on by spending a little bit more up front. Additionally, your cargo is protected in case the unexpected occurs.

Shipping Mistake #3: Using the Wrong Packaging


Thankfully, it is entirely preventable, but improper packaging can result in mishaps and extra expenses. For instance, business owners ship goods in boxes that are too big (or small) for the order all too frequently, or they ship them on pallets that are not properly wrapped. 

Being aware of all packaging options, investing in automated solutions when it makes sense, and never being afraid to seek help when unsure are all ways to avoid making mistakes of this nature. If you are hesitant to discuss options with your preferred carrier or provider, you are probably using the wrong carrier. 

Shipping Mistake #4: Getting Your Measurements Wrong


In an effort to save money, it is not a good idea to estimate your cargo’s size and dimensions incorrectly. Falsified shipping measurements may be found during a freight audit by your preferred carrier, and you may be penalized as well as required to cover the additional expense. Additionally, your company may be flagged as needing attention, which could lead to future audits being more frequent.

On the other hand, your company’s health and success depend on how well you get along with your carrier. It is best to be honest in this relationship as it is in all others, regardless of the circumstances. 

Shipping Mistake #5: Failing to Plan Effectively


Even though smooth sailing and predictability are things that we all strive for, life frequently falls short of both. There are numerous potential delivery-related events that could impact established deadlines, including the following: 

  • Car accidents, 
  • Traffic jams, 
  • Unforeseen weather conditions, and 
  • More. 

Making a buffer zone or cushion in your timeline is preferable to stressing out about all the potential outcomes. Alternatively put, make provisions for unforeseen events and uncontrollable incidentals. 

Shipping Mistake #6: Incorrect Address


Even though everyone is aware of how crucial it is to provide the proper shipping address, this is unquestionably one of the most frequent errors. However, it is entirely avoidable. It is best to confirm a shipping address before accepting it from a client. These addresses can be double-checked for accuracy using a variety of online verification tools if you collect them electronically. 

Freight orders may arrive in unexpected locations if you do not take the time to carefully review the address of the destination listed on the bill of lading. You will not have to waste time looking up a misplaced package if you double-check every letter and number. 

Shipping Mistake #7: Choosing the Wrong Carrier


Beyond just the business that delivers your packages, the shipping partner or carrier you select serves other purposes. As they might interact with your clients more than you do, you should think of the carrier as an additional branch of your company. 

By making sure that you keep the lines of communication open with your carrier, you can solve this issue. Despite the fact that many people can deliver packages, only the right carrier for your company will take the time to comprehend your needs and expectations. And if you choose incorrectly, it might end up being the most expensive shipping error you ever make.

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