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Top Questions to Ask Your New York Freight Shipping Company

Your transportation company in New York is more than just a business that transports your goods from point A to point B—they are a dependable partner. They might, in the majority of cases, be the image your customers most frequently associate with your brand.

This makes it essential that your New York freight shipping company is skilled, knowledgeable, and provides top-notch customer service. The top queries you ought to address to your New York trucking company are examined in more detail below.

How Much Will Shipping Cost?

Although shipping costs can differ from carrier to carrier, it is always a good idea to have a complete breakdown of costs. A New York carrier, on the other hand, is not worth doing business with if they do not provide a free, no-obligation quote. And you should never allow a freight shipping company in New York to provide you with a vague quote. 

Some less-than-reputable carriers in New York tend to charge “hidden” fees on LTL shipments as well as FTL shipments. When you’re requesting a quote from any New York trucking company, you should have a clear itemized list of all charges prior to signing the contract. 

Does the New York Trucking Company Offer Insurance?

Cargo transportation between two points can result in accidents. It is crucial that your cargo is insured for the duration of the trip in case those accidents do occur. Despite the fact that all New York shipping companies must offer mandatory insurance, policies can vary, so it is crucial that you understand what is provided and what is covered.

Does the New York Trucking Company offer Liftgate Services?

Not all businesses with a forklift or loading dock receive deliveries of freight. Your business client may not want to invest in the infrastructure required to unload and load freight if they only occasionally receive large freight shipments. It is crucial that the New York trucking company provides liftgate service in this typical situation. 

The freight shipping business will employ a liftgate, a hydraulic lift that is mounted on the back of the truck. For moving cargo from the ground level to the trailer and vice versa, the liftgate is essential. 

Frequently, when the cargo is too heavy to lift, the liftgate is required. Make certain the New York shipping firm you select provides lift gate service. In addition, you should be certain of any additional fees that may apply.

Does the New York Freight Shipping Company Offer Next Day Delivery? 

It is important that you are clear about how long your delivery will take. Although it is possible that your transportation service will not be able to give you a precise time, you should know what to expect. For instance, the carrier should be able to satisfy your needs and expectations for next-day delivery if you are aware that your client anticipates receiving the freight the following day. 

You can enquire about the infrastructure of the transport company and discover if it is built to consistently provide next-day cargo deliveries. The best course of action is to find another carrier if a New York one is unable to satisfy your needs. 

Does the New York Trucking Company Offer Inside Delivery to Residences and/or Businesses?

When there are no loading docks available at the delivery location, inside delivery is a practical service that can be very beneficial. Despite what the name might imply, inside residential delivery entails the carrier moving the pallet to the garage, driveway, or porch. 

Most shipping companies forbid delivering freight inside of houses. When a shipment is delivered inside a business, the shipment will be left inside the door of the establishment. A few feet inside the main entrance is typically where the carrier delivers the freight. 

Additional fees might be incurred if it needs to be transported further inside the structure, via an elevator, or up a staircase. Whatever the case, not all New York trucking companies provide this service. And if a carrier does offer it, make sure you’re aware of any associated fees or accessorial charges. 

Am I Choosing the Most Economical Shipping Method?

In New York, the partnership formed when selecting a transportation provider is formalized. They essentially act as an extension of your company. The channels of communication should continue to be open and be two-way as a result. 

It is crucial to constantly look for more effective ways of conducting business in all areas of your company, including the trucking company you choose. You should feel at ease inquiring about more effective shipping options with your New York trucking company. By doing this, the relationship will only get stronger and you might even end up saving money right away. 

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