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Quick Tips for Freight Packaging for Small Businesses

You understand all too well, as a small business owner, that time is money. Yet time and money are two resources that the majority of small business owners find difficult to come by. Go figure. However, you can find both if you optimize your freight shipping using best practices and freight packaging tips. Some of […]

How to Calculate Freight Shipping Rates

Even the most seasoned business owner may find it challenging to estimate shipping costs and freight shipping rates. Thankfully, it is not necessary. In order to efficiently and precisely determine freight shipping rates and freight costs, CHP Logistics has provided a few straightforward instructions and advice. Read on to discover more. And don’t hesitate to […]

What’s the Best Way to Ship for Small businesses?

Any size organization may find it difficult to manage logistics and transportation, leaving owners to wonder, “What is the best way to ship for small businesses?” You have a few options, so it is critical that you can consider the advantages and disadvantages of each and choose wisely.  The team at CHP Logistics offers helpful […]

Top Questions to Ask Your New York Freight Shipping Company

Your transportation company in New York is more than just a business that transports your goods from point A to point B—they are a dependable partner. They might, in the majority of cases, be the image your customers most frequently associate with your brand. This makes it essential that your New York freight shipping company […]

Is There a Difference Between Logistics and Shipping?

Most industry outsiders might not see much of a distinction between shipping and logistics. Nevertheless, regardless of how much you ship, it makes financial and logistical sense for you to understand the connection between shipping and logistics. Fortunately, the team at CHP Logistics has produced a brief, practical guide on the connection between logistics and […]

What Are NMFC Codes? Read This Simple Guide to Find Out

You have probably heard of freight classes, whether you send LTL freight frequently or just once or twice a year. It is not sufficient to simply be informed about freight classes and classification. It is crucial to comprehend freight classes and NMFC codes sufficiently as a small business and member of the transportation sector. Let […]

Freight Broker vs. Carrier: Which is the Best Choice?

Choosing the best shipping company for their freight is essential for businesses shipping finished goods or raw materials to succeed. Options include working with a carrier directly or using a freight broker. Choosing whether to work with a freight broker or a carrier depends on a number of variables. What Is a Freight Carrier? A […]

The Different Types of Freight: What to Know About Each

How to choose between the different types of freight options   The best shipping method for your cargo will depend on a number of things, including the cargo being shipped, the origin and destination of the shipment, and the required transit time. Freight is frequently transported using a variety of techniques, or intermodally. Types of Freight […]

Freight Shipping Checklist for Domestic US Shipments

For shippers who are just beginning to manage logistics (because everyone starts somewhere, right?) A smooth shipment is ensured by being informed about what to expect in a process that can be confusing. In order to assist shippers in moving their freight confidently, we have compiled the most popular freight shipping checklist items. Handy Freight […]

Important Freight Shipping Documents You Must Have for Domestic and International Freight Shipments

Common Freight Shipping Documents for US Domestic Shipments If you have shipped internationally before, you are probably accustomed to filling out the documentation shown below for all of your FTL and LTL freight shipments. For those who are less experienced with freight shipment, let’s review them. Bill of Lading (BOL) The most typical freight transportation […]

A Must-Read Guide to Limited Access Freight Shipping

Learning About Limited Access Freight Shipping It can be quite difficult to move goods through the complexities of places with limited access. These sectors frequently have unique requirements, expenses, and time constraints that necessitate careful planning and implementation. To ensure a smooth delivery procedure, it is crucial to comprehend the idea of limited access goods shipment […]